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This session is only for kids aged 15 - 17
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Step 2: Emergency And Medical Information

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Step 3: Choose An Area Of Specialization

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Step 4: Referral Program
This optional program was created to encourage Manotick Arts Camp Students to refer our Performance Arts Camps to their friends.

If you refer a new student to one of our programs, you and your referral will each receive a gift card of your choice.  When you register for one of our 1- week programs, you receive a $10.00 gift card, OR a $25.00 gift card when you register for one of our 2 - week programs. In order for you both to be eligible for this Program, the person being referred must also follow through and register for a program. Gift cards will be handed out on the first day of camp.  Please Note: Each family is eligible to make three referrals.

1st Person Referred:
1st Person Telephone 1st Person Email
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2nd Person Referred:
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3rd Person Referred:
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