Summer Performance Troupe Schedule

Program Schedule

Location: Manotick United Church, Main Str, Manotick

The daily events in blue are co-ordinated with the Manotick Arts Camp session 2 program for 10-14 yr olds, happening at the same time, St. James Anglican Church, Bridge Street Manotick.

Day 1

  9:00:   staff introductions

             vocal technical lesson

vocal warmup

10:00:  Brainstorming session with the Drama Director, Manotick United Church

10:45:  Chorus work with the Vocal Coach

11:30:  Recreation

12:30:  Lunch

  1:00:  Rotation 1

            Leadership training

            The performance troupe will be divided into 4 groups. Each group will be assigned a color group of younger session 2 students. The performance troupe    will mentor each group during the rings rotation, in designing a choreography/soundscape for each group to be performed for all the students during the first Friday of the program. They will be given leadership opportunities during this activity, mentored by the teacher overseeing the rings routines.

            The performance troupe students who are not immediately involved in a rotation will continue to brainstorm, mentored by the drama director.

  1:30:  Rotation 2

  2:00:  Rotation 3

  2:30:  Rotation 4

  3:00:  Break/snack

  315:   Vocal technique

  3:45:  Finish up with the Drama director

Day 2

  9:00:  Vocal technique

            Meeting with session 2 counselors to brainstorm ideas for the scavenger hunt for session 2. The performance troupe will be given roles for leadership and              creativity!

10:00:  Drama

            Begin writing process

10:45:  Chorus work


11:30:  Recreation

12:30:  Lunch

  1:00:  Rotations

            Same as day 2

  3:00:  Break

  3:15:  Vocal Technique

  3:45: Finish up with the Drama Director

The daily schedule is basically the same, but the direction of the activities change.

Day 3

The same as day 2 except:

12:30: Pizza Lunch Day!

Day 4

The same as day 2 except:

10:00:  Drama

            Prop list finalized

            Characterization workshop

Day 5

  9:00:  Vocal technique

            Meeting with counselors to finish up any other scavenger hunt business

10:00:  Drama

            Script finalized

11:00:  Organize scavenger hunt with the counselors

12:30:  Lunch

  1:00:  Help to organize rings routines and prizes

            Perform what they have been working on for session 2 students

  3:30:  Finish with the Drama director

Day 6

Same as day 2 except:

10:00:  Drama

            Music rehearsal with the band begins

            First round of blocking

  1:00:  Performance troupe groups take leadership with their respective color groups during the drama rotations, session 2

  3:15:  Vocal warmups


Day 7

Same as day 6 except:

10:00:   Drama

            Sets and Props workshop, construction begins

12:30:  Help to organize cupcake day for session 2 students

Day 8

Same schedule except:

10:00:   Painting sets and technical rehearsal

12:30:   Pizza Lunch Day!

  1:00:   Drama Rehearsal

Day 9

Same except:

10:00:   Full rehearsal with the band

  1:00:   Drama rehearsal

Day 10

Same except:

10:00:   Full Rehearsal with band

  1:00:   Drama rehearsal